Teach Me To Kill

William, a high-school teacher is accused and sentenced to death for a crime which he’s not sure of having committed.

But he’ll be offered a way for salvation. To teach for a class of novice serial killers and help them become the legends they’re meant to be.

Teach me to Kill is a story filled with dark-humor, cute-gore, innocent looking psychos and the relationships of the more than 30 characters from the cast.


The author

Leah Villanueva is an author that since little she already showed interest in everything creative, but her biggest passion was telling stories and creating original characters with personality. Fanatic of horror genre, in movies/literature/comics (not videogames since she gets totally scared). After finishing High-school with science optative she graduated in Graphic Arts (4 years) at “Escola Joso. Còmic i Il·lustració”, learning narrative, script, storyboard, graphic design, etc. Later, between job and job she would work as a freelance in different projects, till decide to embark in her own, Teach Me To Kill.

Fan of deep characters, “cute but creepy” stuff and stories where the real world gets mixed with fantasy worlds where nothing is ever what it seems.
Nowadays open and looking for a creative job that let’s her work on TMTK too.
And she hopes that all of you enjoy this story as much as she enjoys working on it!
Thanks for reading!

Twitter: @LeahVillart
Tumblr: LeahVillart
mail: leah@teachmetokill.com