Hey everyone.
You may have noticed last week wasn’t an update.
The reason being that my grandpa passed away. I spend most of the week with my grandma and rest of the family.
He was the member of the family that inspired me so much to draw and the most supporting since he was also an artist, he’d draw characters of the books and comics I’d read as a child and gift them to me and show me how he did it. I even have here his mechanical pencil he gift me 20 years ago together with those old drawings.
Besides not being able to draw anymore from his hands shaking so much, art was his passion til the end, and I want to think some of that passion went into me.

So this is to let everyone know the reason of the lack of update, and that next page will come next Monday.
Thank you everyone for your support and patience and for the incredible patrons who are supporting us and Teach Me To Kill!! Your support on Patreon means a lot  for us to keep working on this! Love ya! <3