This is the end of the hiatus!
Next weekend will be a Page update!

BUT! This is a content update too! As you can see, Will has been spending his last hiatus day reading some of the students’ profiles (before being reminded by Glam and Cehalet that it’s time to get back to work and continue getting his ass kicked by Lyubov), and now you can too! We’ve updated the new CAST section! With 20 profiles! WAH?! Yeah! 20 profiles for students, teachers, staff… All for you to read and get to know the cast better. We hope you have fun!

Thanks to everyone supporting Teach Me To Kill on Patreon and making this possible! All your help goes into making this better, faster and stronger!
Huge thanks and hugs to our shout out squad Sky&Bo, Jon S, Joey, François Guint-Riel and Marshall Fortnum for your amazing help and support!

See ya soon!