Teach Me To Kill

William Anderson is a normal highschool teacher whose world was turned upside down after losing consciousness and awoke to his entire class slaughtered. Accused of doing the dirty deed and sentenced to death for a crime he has no memory of committing, he’s given a second lease on life… if he agrees to teach a class of novice killers and help inspire them to become legends.

Teach Me To Kill is a story filled with dark humor, cuteness, gore, innocent-looking psychopaths, and follows the lives of a group of killers seen from their point of view.



Leah’s been creative ever since she was little, and her biggest passion has always been telling stories with unique characters and expanding their personalities through interaction. Leah is a huge fanatic of the horror genre, loving movies, literature and comics (although avoiding videogames as she totally gets scared). After finishing highschool, she attended Escola Joso for 4 years and majored in Graphic Arts learning narrative, scripting, creating storyboards, graphic design, etc. After freelancing for a few projects, Leah decided to embark on her own finally, and create Teach Me To Kill.

She hopes that all of you enjoy this story as much as she enjoys working on it!

Thanks for reading!

Twitter: @LeahVillart
Tumblr: LeahVillart
mail: leah@teachmetokill.com


Right Hand

Sarah Cleary, also known as Sky, inks and helps structure TMTK’s story. She’s always been a fan of drawing and writing, often combining the two into little jokes and stories. Sky also plays alot of videogames and watches cartoons, her drawings often inspired from either. She came across TMTK and started out as a fan, but eventually became a part of it!

Thanks for reading!