▮How long is the comic going to be?
There’s no actual fixed length. There are arcs and each arc has multiple events that build on one another. There’s a middle point and there’s an ending. Even though the main key plot points are fixed, the story still has wiggle room for ideas and arcs to help enhance the plot. Right now TMTK’s world is small, but it’s a lot bigger than it seems.

▮What’s your process when creating the story? Do you make a script? What’s the script’s structure like?
The process starts with coming up with the key plot points (the pillars of the story). From around them, the story develops its finer details from each character developing from interacting with the world around them. I started writing these points and events in notebooks, then when Sky joined we started writing everything digitally, and eventually I switched to using a timeline software because I work better with my ideas put in order in front of me. That timeline has become my script where I can add descriptions, characters, locations, dialogues, etc. Sky and I discuss each part in case they can be refined. From the timeline-script I start making multiple page thumbnails to build the narrative, panels, rhythm and such (visual script!). And then all scripting ends and making the actual pages begins!

▮How did you come up with the idea for TMTK?
I’ve always loved the horror genre, and horror comedies are the cherry on top to me. I’m a huge fan of contrasts, mostly the Cute/Creepy one. At the time, I was working in a big chain store selling videogames. I was waiting in my car listening to music when I started drawing a round fat/bulky bald murderous man with a huge kitchen knife with a penchant for cute stuff. I gave him a pink bunny mask and called him Desmond. I thought he’d have a girlfriend but since he liked cute things, she would need to look cute and innocent too. While listening to Crazy Chicks by Ken Ashcorp, Q.Bee came to life. Looking at them both, I started thinking they looked like horror movie killers (although more B rate ones). Suddenly a question popped up in my brain: what if horror movie killers and villains had to go to a school to learn how to become the iconic legends they were “destined” to be? Soon after, the construction of Paradies started in my head. Everything started with Desmond and Q.Bee, and that’s why they are the first characters we get to see in the comic, because I owe them.

▮What are some of the biggest inspirations you’ve had for what you do?
I grew up watching late night 80’s anime on TV which included Akira, Evangelion, Barefoot Gen, X, Ninja Scroll, Vampire Hunter D, etc. so I’ve had an impression of that kind of imaginary horror and violence since I was young. I also grew up loving Ghibli and Disney movies: stories which were so full of great expression, emotion and life. Then I was blown away by Capcom: Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Captain Comando, Resident Evil, Mega-Man… I loved their games but what really impressed me was their art and designs. Later, Gainax appeared in my life again making me fall in love with FLCL, then Kare Kano and Gurren Lagan. I’d also started reading more graphic novels and discovered Blacksad, my favorite.
Today, my shelf is filled with artbooks from Pixar-Disney, Capcom, Gainax and Blacksad.

▮What tools do you use?
I use a Wacom Intuos Pro and Clip Studio Paint.

▮Why do you have a patreon?
Because as much as I love doing this, all this takes time, effort, and stress. I keep this comic free to the public so that everyone can have a chance to read and be inspired by it. Working on Teach Me To Kill is the thing I like to do the most, but like everyone else I also have needs: paying bills, food, hosting, etc. My dream is that some day I’ll  be able to live from my art and with the help of devoted fans on Patreon, I won’t have to worry about finding other ways of income and be able to turn my full focus on working on pages and content. And that would be the most awesome thing ever.


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