(this page has a guest piece of art from @Tsukihowl made as a poster! Thanks for letting me use it! love it! <3)

Hey gals n guys!So you may have been wondering “what happened with the updates?”

Well, I’m going through some awful times and I’ll need to go to the doctor and psychiatrist, all that fun stuff. (NOT)
I’ve been struggling with my sweet anxiety and depression and shit got serious so I need some time to work that out.I also wanted a lil more time to work on TMTK’s pages, I want to bring you my best work so I’ll be UPDATING ONCE A WEEK for some time (I do wish to go back to twice a week when I get some cache).
I just want to be proud of what I do and for you to enjoy it and have a good time reading it.

So, that being said, Thanks for reading and sticking with me!!! You mean a lot to me and are the push to keep me going! <3