Goooddamit my computer is lagging like hell. 15min to open the freaking page. ୧((#Φ益Φ#))୨
Since I got better from the dislocated leg I’ll try to drive and grab some more ram asap. ALL THE RAM. (°ㅂ°╬)

Anyway, it’s been a weird week. But here’s this week’s page! Don’t know if you’ll remember but Elliot was already mentioned pages back~
He’s a foul-mouthed punk! So expect vulgar vocabulary whenever he appears, maybe William will teach him some manners?
Next week: Akachi! And let’s pray for Elliot’s “balls”.

And since we talked about it on twitter, here’s TMTK’s Playlist  (282 songs, represent the characters favorite songs) if you feel curious. (ง ื▿ ื)ว