And there she goooeeees!
Paradies students face to face with Jayden and Claire?!

Sorry for the late update.
As you may have read in past posts, I’ve been going to doctors because my health was getting bad. I’ve started some treatments with anti-depressants for migraines and anxiety, and they’ve left me like a zombie for the past week. Now my body is starting to get used to this cocktail of freaking pills. Sky also had a cold, so we’ve both been having a shitty week. But we worked hard on this page nonetheless! Thank you for your patience and support!

Huge shout out to the patrons making all this possible Sky&Bo, Jon S, Marshall Fortnum, Ramona Pine, David Benefield, Iris Martinez, Jerome R Gero and Jason Warner!! You’re awesome! <3 <3 <3

And as always, thanks for reading!