Hey everyone! I’ve been enjoying this interaction pages a lot. Since we get to see more intimate moments and how the relationships are with each character, who likes and dislikes who, what they think of eachother, I think it brings even more life to them! BUT it’s finally time to leave Will’s apartment. Will we see it again? Who knows!

Hope everyone is doing well this summer. I’ve had rough months [again? yeah again]. Weeks ago I took my 9yo dog to the vet for an annual check up and they found out she has lymphoma, cancer in the blood. So she would have just weeks of left or with treatment months or even one year. So it hit me hard because she’s just acting like always nothing changed in her, nothing you could see coming, and then suddenly “welp, your dog is dying”. I’ve been going to the vet each week some even twice a week, with samples and them losing one of the samples during shipping and having to repeat… I haven’t been doing super good. This year has been a dumpsterfire that keeps on giving. But I’m doing a lil better and been spending some extra time with her, I know I’ve given her, and still do, the best life I could, full of experiencies, landscapes, situations, fun, games, learning… She’s starting treatment soon, so that’s going to be a new journey we’ll take together. Hopefully it lasts as it can and without more issues. I’ve been three days with migraine, but if I’m well tomorrow and the vet doesnt screw me over, I’ll try to stream TMTK memes to have some fun times. If not tomorrow this week. Just a heads up~ Love ya all, thanks for reading, for your patience and being such a cute and awesome fandom! <3